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      Stolzle Vulkanos Fire Decanter

      Crafted from lead-free European crystal, the Fire series offers a sophisticated and eye-catching presentation. Perfect for sprucing up any table, the Stolzle Vulkanos Fire Decanter is ideal for aspiring connoisseurs seeking to bring out the best in their wines. Featuring a sheer rim and innovative shape, the decanter is designed to amplify aromas and soften tannins. This German-made glassware is created using a pulled and melted glass formation, enabling increased durability and dishwasher-compatibility. Fire-tempered for added strength, the 100% lead-free decanter is adopted worldwide, reducing breakage risk and maintaining clarity.
      • Stunning design and presentation
      • Lead-free crystal
      • Ensures clarity and brilliance
      • Allows young wines to bloom and develop
      • Breakage and scratch resistant
      • Made in Europe
      • Capacity: 21 ounces

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