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      For Him

      For Him

      Welcome to our exquisite collection of Engraved Glassware for Men! Elevate your gifting game and celebrate the extraordinary men in your life with our meticulously crafted glassware, each piece telling a unique story.

      Discover a selection that embodies sophistication and thoughtfulness. Our engraved glassware offers a distinguished way to commemorate special occasions, from milestone birthdays and promotions to weddings and anniversaries. Whether it's a personalized whiskey decanter, a sleek beer mug, or a timeless wine glass, our range caters to various preferences.

      Glencairn Whisky Tasting Glasses Set of 6
      • -15%

      This glass is specifically designed for drinking whiskey; its wide crystal bowl allows for the fullest appreciation of the whiskey's color, while the tapering mouth of the glass captures and concentrates the aroma on the...

      Liquor Glass and Ice Sphere Box Set
      • -15%

      Nothing surpasses the indulgence of pouring a favorite whiskey into a clear-cut tumbler, accompanied by a sizable ice sphere. This set comes complete with 4 exquisitely faceted tumblers and 4 silicone ice sphere molds, all...

      Admiral™ Crystal Tumblers Set of 2
      • -15%

      Manifold facets in the pure crystal create a thousand prismatic rays of light which illuminate the rocks glass, adding complexity to the liquor within. Our glassware is the perfect complement to an evening spent sipping...

      Engraved Parker Leather-Wrapped Glass Flask
      • -15%

      Enclosed in sophisticated brown leather, this glass flask is a stunning mode of carrying and relishing your go-to spirits. Its weighted, robust stainless steel screw-on top further enhances this unique leather-adorned flask, making it a...

      Chrome Rim Crystal Tumblers Set of 2
      • -15%

      This set of crystal tumblers epitomizes mid-century modern design elements, boasting chic chrome-painted rims ideal for the office. The crystal glasses will shimmer in the light, bringing elegance to any table setting. They make a...

      Bronze Rim Crystal Tumblers Set of 2
      • -15%

      This pair of crystal tumblers includes linear sides to evoke the mid-century modern design style, as well as sleek bronze trim befitting a professional workspace. A perfect balance between classic and contemporary, these tumblers will...

      Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Kit Set of 4
      • -15%

      An expert tasting panel comprising of experienced brewers and industry experts have verified the excellence of Spiegelau glasses. The unique shapes accentuate the aroma and intensify the texture, harmony, and taste of your beloved beers....

      Granite Whisky Stones Boxed Gift Set of 8
      • -15%

      Crafted from organic granite, this Set of 8 Stones provides an optimal chilling effect without affecting the flavor of your beverage. Included is a luxurious velvet storage pouch, as well as a charming Pine wood...

      Smoked Cocktail Kit
      • -15%

      Our smoke-infused method contains no machinery, taking up less space than larger options. The Smoked Cocktail Kit is specially designed for optimal efficiency, out-performing homemade alternatives and perfectly complementing your home bar.   Quantity: 5-piece...

      Beer Flight
      • -15%

      Experience the best of beer sampling with the Beer Flight set created by True. This set features four 5 oz glasses, and the accompanying handy and lightweight wooden flight board ensures effortless transport and consumption...

      Wall Mounted Bottle Opener by Foster & Rye™
      • -15%

        Constructed from wrought iron, this wall-mounted bottle opener is a suitable addition to any residence. Its distressed finish gives a slight, rustic farmhouse atmosphere.   Faux rusted iron finish Easy open design Hardware included...

      Glacier Rocks® 4-Piece Ice Ball Mold and Tumbler Set
      • -15%

      The crystal tumblers included in this set feature a curved channel designed to fit the spherical shape of the silicone ice molds. Simply insert the ice ball created in the mold to chill your drink...

      Liquor Decanter Gift Set
      • -15%

      This decanter and tumbler set provides superior style and functionality for the home bar. Its streamlined profile, clear glass, and modern design make it the perfect choice for anyone aiming to upgrade their glassware collection....

      Spiegelau Classic Beer Tasting Kit Set of 4
      • -15%

      An expert tasting panel made up of master brewers and industry professionals have approved Spiegelau beer glasses. The custom shapes successfully deliver complex aromas, and enhance the texture, balance and flavor of your favorite beers....

      Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Set
      • -15%

      This beer-tasting set, a collaboration between renowned craft beer makers and Spiegelau, features 3 specialized glasses that are designed to complement the flavor of popular IPAs, Wheat, and Stout beers.The Craft Beer Tasting Set is...

      Personalized Black Stoneware Tumblers
      • -15%

      Exquisitely crafted, our matte jet black stoneware lowball tumbler adds elegance to any decor. Durable and dishwasher-safe, you can use it for any favorite beverages like Scotch or sidecars and enjoy it for years. Its...

      Personalized Alchemi Whiskey Tasting Glass
      • -15%

      The best whiskey glasses both enhance the aroma and flavor of your liquor and feel smooth and solid in your hand. Our meticulously designed Whiskey Tasting Glass gives you the best of both worlds: a...

      Burke Whiskey Glasses
      • -15%

      These whiskey glasses have a unique tapered silhouette that creates a striking pyramid shape. Perfect for sipping Scotch neat or enjoying an Old Fashioned, these tumblers have a heavy base and a quiet elegance that...

      Globe Decanter & Whiskey Tumblers Set
      • -15%

      Experience a heightened sensory delight with Viski's sophisticated set of glassware featuring intricate etched globes, providing a textured look and concentrated scent. For luxurious sipping of premium liquors, look to the Globe Decanter & Whiskey...

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